Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Message From Our First Customer

Miko, co-owner of Pawtastic Baskets
When I started Pawtastic Baskets, I wanted to create handcrafted gift baskets that people could share with their four-legged family and furriends to celebrate their special occasions.  As with any new venture, I was not sure how it would be received.

I ordered gift baskets and product; business cards; and built an Etsy store.  I made up the first basket with a little help from the cats.  That is when I decided they would be my business partners.  Milo was expecially good at helping with the ribbon used to tie on the bow.  Miko posted a  diary entry on his Catster page telling his furriends that I was working on a big surprise starting a business that had to do with Kitties and Doggies and Milo followed that up with a diary entry of his own announcing the store name and letting his furriends know that the store was opened.

One of our dear Catster friends, Tink Alva, and her Mom purchased our first basket.  Today we wanted to share the message we received from them after they received the basket.
The Message dated May 25, 2011:

We got the basket today! The first thing Tink did was to rub her head against it! I don't know if she smelled your kitties, but I've never seen her do that with anything before! She loves the mouses and actually napped on the pillow. She knocked the toys out, and actually played with the busy balls, then tried to curl up and lay down on the basket with the shredding in it. She's also played with the peanuts, and this is her favorite mailing box ever. It's success on a grand scale!!!! Luv, B & T
We want to thank Tink and her Mom for being our very first customers.  THANK YOU!  Your message help us to realize we were on the right track.

Since that day, we have decided to build our own website.  We have had great fun designing it and look forward to continuing to work on updates and improvements.  We were even able to link to our blog.

Thank you for visiting our blog and letting us share our experiences with you.  We sincerely hope you will visit our new website, if you have not already done so, and let us know what you think.  All feedback is greatly appreciated. 

We wish you all a wonderful day!

Mikki, Miko, Milo,
Mimu, Maui, Mokka,
Kaiser and Jaeger

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